Guardians of Middle-Earth is on track to be the first true MOBA experience on consoles, and WB Interactive and Monolith want to make sure you’re prepared. To that end, they’ve released the first installment of their “MOBA Mastery” series. This initial look will give players new to the genre a basic understanding of how the maps work, victory conditions and why standing close to turrets/towers will shorten your lifespan.



Additionally, the developer has released another character spotlight trailer introducing Ori, one of Bilbo’s dwarven companions, and Agandaûr, who fans of Lord of the Rings: War in the North might recognize. Both share the ability to super-charge their own attacks, becoming late-game threats. The number of different strategies and play styles that Guardians of Middle-Earth will cater to grows with each new character introduced.


Guardians of Middle-Earth arrives in December on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.