Despite a delayed start late last month, the PlayStation Store redesign has finally gone live in North America.  After issues with the launch in Europe, Sony pushed the update from the original October 23 date until they worked the kinks out, and now the new storefront is ready to be perused by millions more PlayStation 3 owners.

The update comes with the intention of making navigation smoother while also more obviously highlighting recent and major releases.  Because the previous iteration of the store was not the most adept at showcasing some of the many gems available to players, Sony hopes to shine a spotlight on the numerous options about which PlayStation owners may not even know.  With additions like predictive text, more filters, video streaming and aesthetic alterations including larger windows and smoother navigation, it’s worth logging onto the store to see what you may have missed.

PlayStation 3 owners in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the United States can now take advantage of this redesign, so be sure to hop on and let us know if this online marketplace is one you prefer to the now defunct version of the PlayStation Store.

via [Joystiq]