For those who are eagerly anticipating the release of Grand Theft Auto V, the slow IV drip of updates from Rockstar Games has been nothing short of torturous. The game was formally announced in the fall of 2011, and since then a slow trickle of screenshots and teasers have emerged. With the release date finally being narrowed down to Spring 2013, Rockstar has committed to releasing more details on what fans can expect, including a brand new trailer that is coming out a year after the first one was revealed. Originally planned for release sometime in November, the trailer is expected to contain more gameplay footage that the fans have been waiting hungrily for. Unfortunately, mother nature clearly had other plans. Due to widespread damage from Hurricane Sandy, and its impact on Rockstar’s offices, the trailer has now been delayed.

The second trailer for Grand Theft Auto V was due to be revealed within the next week, however the effects of Hurricane Sandy on Rockstar’s New York offices have forced them to pull back on that. This is hardly surprising, since anyone following news of the hurricane has no doubt seen the mass flooding in Manhattan. Even days after the storm has passed, many areas are still flooded and thousands are still without power. This is the case for Rockstar, whose offices are located right in downtown Manhattan and have been without power since the storm passed through.  With cleanup efforts underway and New York’s infrastructure slowly being restored, things will hopefully be back to normal shortly. Rockstar has been unable to give a timeline as to when the trailer is expected to be released, though they have stated that more information on the game will be released soon.

Grand Theft Auto V, as previously mentioned, will be released within the Spring 2013 launch window. The release of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions has been confirmed, however no information has been forthcoming about the PC version. In the meantime, fans have the next issue of GameInformer to look forward to. The December issue will have Grand Theft Auto V on the cover and an 18 page spread featuring a host of new information and gameplay screenshots. The print issue is expected to hit the streets on or around November 16, 2012.