After a near two-year hiatus, the world renowned (or at least internet renowned) TIGSource game-making competition is making a comeback with a sports themed contest. I’ll let developer and site owner Derek Yu break down what it is

the objective of a TIGSource Competition is to make a game (or two) in the allotted time (in this case, a month). There are no prizes involved, but a number of the previous entries have become successful commercial titles, like Envirobear 2000 (Cockpit Compo) and Realm of the Mad God (Assemblee Compo). The main thing, though, is to have a good time with your fellow entrants and try to finish something!

TIGSource has hosted a series of great competitions, usually focusing around a really great theme. Previous events had devs creating games based solely on a game cover made by someone else, demaking a modern game, or using quotes from H.P. Lovecraft’s commonplace book as launching points. The ‘sports’ theme isn’t quite as inspired, but I’ve no doubt that something great will still come out of it.

You can keep up with the competition over at the sub-forums dedicated to the competition.

via[TIGSource, IndieGames]