If you are a fan of the Witcher series, then you’ll probably love this. Eurogamer offers a translation of an unique interview conducted by its Polish division with the creator of this dark fantasy series, the critically acclaimed Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The writer shares his thoughts on video games, the Witcher franchise and the relationship between his books and their video game adaptations.

The most important point raised in the interview and explained in detail by Mr Sapkowski, is that he considers the Witcher games to be adaptations, creations separate from his books. They are not sequels, follow ups or alternative versions of his books and characters. As such, they will not influence Mr Sapkowski’s planned eighth book in the Witcher saga. His statement may seem controversial to some fans. However, having two separate continuities is not uncommon. For example, a similar situation exists with the seminal Ghost in the Shell franchise, which has three separate continuities (the original manga, Stand Alone Complex TV series and feature movies).

Mr Sapkowski also clarifies the nature of his relationship with CD Projekt RED, noting that he does not play games and has not worked with the developer, beyond providing feedback on artwork. As such, REDs deserve all the praise for the game’s design and writing. A separate comment by Adam Badowski, CD Projekt RED’s managing director, further expands on the nature of their relationship and the studio’s approach to adapting the Witcher books.

If you read so far, a word of caution: the translation is imperfect and makes Mr Sapkowski come across as much more arrogant than he really is. Some subtleties of the Polish language were also lost in the process of translation, possibly changing the meaning of some sentences.

via [Eurogamer]