If you’re looking forward to the reboot of the classic Rise of the Triad, well, you’ll have to wait a while longer. In the meantime, Interceptor Entertainment has released goodies to keep you sated for the time being. Most importantly, they’ve started a brand new Production Diary, which will give a peek behind the scenes. The first part focuses on what it takes to reboot a classic.

The Interceptor developer team comments on the process of remaking a classic and updating it, so that both old and new players alike can enjoy it. The list of developers that pitch in is relatively long. They are: Frederik Schreiber (Game Director), Daniel Hedjazi (Lead Level Designer), Dave Oshry (Marketing Director, and former Managing Editor of RipTen), Martin Colith (Level Designer), Khaled Ibrahimi (COO/Cinematics Director) and Stefan Madsen (Lead Coder).

Complementing the video diary are a number of new renders and screenshots, showing the returning Split Missile and Drunk Missile launchers as well as Episode 1’s Boss, General Darian of the Triad: