Many praised the original BioShock for not shoehorning in a multiplayer component in favor of a strong single player campaign.  Though its sequel delivered a serviceable and even enjoyable multiplayer suite, the lack of interest players gave it proved the franchise’s fans cared more about a compelling narrative than a shooting free-for-all.  So fear not, those awaiting the arrival of BioShock Infinite – the upcoming adventure in the sky will be focused only on the single player.

From the virtual mouth of series creative director himself, Ken Levine, Infinite has confirmed the upcoming release will include no trace of multiplayer.  In response to questions on his twitter account, Levine confirmed multiple times that there will be no type of multiplayer offered, which can only be good news for those hoping for as equally riveting a campaign as the original BioShock.

Though there have been reports in the past that the 2013 release would include some type of multiplayer options, it appears whatever plans, if any, Irrational Games had dabbled in were scrapped.

For the moment, the frequent Tweeter has not let slip many more details about the game, though he seemed to indicate there may be something in store for the game at this year’s Spike Video Game Awards.  So if you are so inclined, you can watch the award show for the news, or simply check every major outlet that evening to find out what, if anything has been revealed.  Either way, expect to be exploring the city of Columbia when BioShock Infinite releases on February 26, 2013.

via [Kotaku]