Dear Readers,

Usually, you visit RipTen to read video game news, get our take on the latest events in the industry and check out the latest reviews. Today, we’d like to share a story of a young gamer and ask you to open your hearts. We are a community, and we have a history of banding together when it really counts. This is one of those moments.

One of our colleagues recently shared with us the story of a boy in her neighborhood. 14 year old Ty Cook was recently diagnosed with cancer, and has since undergone surgery to remove a golf ball sized tumor from his brain. He is recovering, but will need 55 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy to eradicate any remaining cells. Ty’s father suffered a back injury which led to life-threatening complications. Through the adversity, he’s made amazing progress in his recovery, even surpassing his doctors’ hopes. Ty’s mother has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Their community in Struthers, Ohio is banding together to help as best they can, but as many of you know, keeping spirits up is an important part of fighting any disease. We’re asking you to join us by considering sending a get well card to Ty. If you are so inclined, Ty is an avid Xbox 360 fan, and I have no doubt that gifts of gaming will go far to keep him happy during his recovery.

If you would like to help, please send correspondence to:

Ty Cook
c/o Carly Frith
146 Spring Street
Struthers, OH 44471

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Futter, Managing Editor of RipTen at michael[at]ripten[dot]com.

On behalf of Ty and his family, thank you.

Find out more about Ty in a story that aired on WFMJ on November 28, 2012.