Though THQ has made news recently with its financial troubles as well as its recent Humble Bundle, for those who played the publisher’s excellent Darksiders II, there is still good news to be found.  If you’re looking to continue Death’s quest a bit longer, the newest DLC pack will be made available today for your demon-hunting pleasure.

Entitled “The Demon Lord Belial,” the latest piece of downloadable content will occur on the ravaged wasteland of a post-apocalyptic Earth.  Death will have to face one of his toughest foes yet, encountering the last strands of humanity on the planet while discovering if the rumors are true that the Third Kingdom has not been completely ravished.

Our own Michael Futter detailed just how much he loved Vigil Games‘ sequel in his review, so be sure to read up in case you missed out on this exciting gem.  For fans hoping to rejoin Death in his journeys, they can download the DLC on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for $9.99 or 800 Microsoft Points.  Of course, for those with a season pass for the game, the pack is already paid for and waiting to be played.

Source: [Darksiders Official Website] via [Game Informer]