Though the good ship Endurance isn’t due to wreck upon the unfortunately populated island until March, Square Enix is doing all it can to promote Lara Croft’s upcoming adventure in its reboot of Tomb Raider. The game’s pre-order bonuses have been set, DLC – which Xbox 360 owners will get early access to – has been announced  and gameplay videos abound have been shown off at various conferences. There’s really nothing left for Square and Crystal Dynamics to do, other than release the game. They intend to keep teasing of course, as is proven with the latest batch of screenshots.

If you’ve been following this game, then none of these are going to look very new. They all follow the theme that Crystal has been developing since they showed off the first gameplay trailer: this is a hard journey for Lara. In the few shots we see of her face, she’s completely lacking in the cool confidence that she’ll display in her later years. She just looks grimly determined. She is going to survive this, even if it takes every ounce of her endurance. Well, mostly. It might just be the angle, but in the shot where her leg is being chewed on by a wolf, she looks really impassive. I think even future Lara would have been freaking out a little bit, there.

The full gallery of screens is below. Hopefully it’ll be enough to tide you over until Crystal sees fit to release a new gameplay trailer, or until the game’s March 5th release. Whichever comes first.