After poking around document settings, I’ve now found the right accents to spell out Bientôt l’été. That’s the name of the new video game/not video game coming from the divisive development group Tale of Tales. After such titles as The Path, The Graveyard, and Fatale, Tale of Tales continues to set up lofty goals by proclaiming on their game’s site

“Take long walks at the seaside, thinking about love. Meet a stranger. Go to the café, sit and drink wine and talk. And then you are silent. And you start longing for the sea.”

Or maybe walk by an ocean and play a board game, as this extended gameplay footage seems to show:

While I’m of the opinion that Tale of Tales is kind of like the indie Peter Molyneux in that their games don’t live up to expectations, I still can’t help but get kind of excited for their projects.

Bientôt l’été is planned for release on December 10th on Mac and PC.

via [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]