If you read my recent Pid review, then you know I gave it a bit of a thrashing regarding the game’s difficulty combined with controls that didn’t seem up to the challenge. Well, developer Might and Delight has gone and released an ‘Easy Mode’ that implements some drastic changes. Here’s a chunk of the press release that describes what they’ve done:

In Pid’s Easy Mode we have redesigned nearly ALL levels and maybe most importantly made ALL the boss fights shorter and more simple. We have studied the reviews and playthroughs on youtube thoroughly to determine how we can create a version of the game that can be enjoyed by everyone. We have also reworked small parts of Normal Mode and the difficulty spikes that people ecountered[sic]!

Level redesigns? Wow. That’s actually quite impressive that they went to that sort of effort to make their game more palatable. While this would address my issue with the game sometimes not giving you clear direction, no mention of my main complaint- the controls- are addressed. That doesn’t mean the update is ill-conceived though, and their approach could be exactly what the game needs. Also, a big relief to see the boss fights fixed. Those were definitely not the game’s strength.

I can’t give any definitive thoughts on the update, as I have the XBLA version and the patch is currently only applied to the PC and Mac ones, but Might and Delight is signalling that one for consoles is coming soon.

If you’re interested in reading my thoughts on Pid, you can check out the review here.

via [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]