With the growing popularity of eSports, it’s no surprise that some developers are tailoring experiences specifically for the competitive market. NADEO’s Shootmania Storm and the upcoming Rekoil from Plastic Piranha are just two in the field. WEBZEN is looking to add their own twist with Arctic Combat.

Players will join either the Allied Forces, led by the United States, or the Star Alliance captained by the Russian forces. Set in the near future, World War III has broken out over resources in the Arctic region, spreading across the world. The title is free-to-play, and will be open to the public starting tomorrow via WEBZEN’s online portal and Steam. Those that choose Valve’s system will have the option of purchasing two bundles to get themselves started. In addition to the online play, Arctic Combat features bot battles so teams can brush up on their skills.

Tournaments will kick off the game’s North American and European launch, and players can earn themselves bonus experience, items and in-game currency known as W Coins. Interesting in learning more? WEBZEN has a comprehensive collection of guides available for interested players to learn in the ins and outs of play.