If you’re like me, then your list of things you hate include light beer, Prairie Home Companion, and yourself. Because of that last one, you probably also take the time to play and write about first-person horror games that are often predictable but still affecting during the middle of the night. For instance, right now it’s just half past midnight and I’m already giving myself the shivers by watching this trailer for Huntsman: The Orphanage, an indie horror game being developed by Australian developer Shadowshifters Entertainment. Get terrified with me:

I’m 1,000,000% positive that that little girl is going to somehow turn on you, but I’m sure I’ll still get freaked out by it. Also, the conceit of using your smartphone as an exploratory device is interesting, even if it rings a bit like Fatal Frame.

The game started off as a Slenderman based game, but has thankfully changed paths as that mythos seems to experiencing a bit of a deluge in video games. Huntsman has you playing a character who is exploring an orphanage whose spotted history of lost children is revealing itself into a true horror tale.

If you like what you see, you can give the game some love over at their Steam Greenlight page here.