If you are a fan of unique experiences or love to support innovative indie development, then the Sportsfriends Kickstarter is worth checking out. Host of Videogame Sophistry and ace interviewer Andy Borkowski had the opportunity to speak with the creators of the four experiences included in the package. You may have already heard of Johann Sebastian Joust (especially if you read the fantastic story this week written by Chris Plante of Polygon). The other titles might be less familiar, but are intriguing nonetheless. You can find out more about Hokra, BariBariBall and Super Pole Riders in Andy’s latest interview.

If you like what you hear, you can head on over to the Kickstarter page to pledge. Don’t hesitate, though. The team has a long way to go to meet its $150,000 goal (current fundraising is just over $85,500). If you want to see Sportsfriends happen, you should act quickly. As with any Kickstarter project, be aware that backing does not guarantee the initiative will be seen through to completion.



You can subscribe to the Videogame Sophistry YouTube channel here. Republished with the express permission of Andy Borkowski.