Dominique “Dee” Brown, head of the development studio Beenox headquartered in Quebec, has walked away from the company he founded in 2000 in order to “pursue new personal challenges.” That said, he will be leaving Beenox in the hands of two capable and familiar longtime colleagues of his who no doubt will do their part to replace the void he leaves behind.

Thomas Wilson, who acted as Creative Director on Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, will lead the creative push, while Technical Director, Sylvain Morel, will focus on production.

Sylvain Morel (left) and Thomas Wilson (right).

When commenting on the two, Brown said the following:

“Sylvain and Thomas have been invaluable partners for several years and their efforts have contributed greatly to the growth and success of Beenox … They have my full confidence and the company will be in very good hands.”

Sylvain Morel on his new role as Beenox Co-Director:

“I’m very excited to take on this new role … From the very start, Dominique established a culture of excellence, and our goal is to continue the studio’s journey toward new heights. We are extremely confident about Beenox’s future.”

Thomas Wilson  on his new role as Beenox Co-Director:

“It’s an honor to step into Dominique’s shoes and lead such a wonderful team … Sylvain and I, the management team, and all the employees are proud to carry on the values of Beenox and to keep up this great momentum.”

The Beenox Facebook page posted the following message acknowledging the change within the company:

“A new chapter begins: more than 12 years after founding Beenox, Dee Brown is passing the torch to longtime colleagues Sylvain Morel and Thomas Wilson. They will take the helm as co-studio heads. Congrats to Sylvain and Thomas! A big thank you to Dee for his entire achievement and we wish him a lot of success with his new personal challenges!”

RipTen has had the opportunity to interview and get to know both Dee Brown and Thomas Wilson over the years, and while we have not had the chance to get to know Sylvain personally, we wish all three the best of luck as they prepare for the next chapter of their lives.