Know someone that loves Epic Games? Well, thanks to the recently opened¬†Epic Games Store you can now buy them boat loads of swag, including “never-before-seen merchandise,” just in time for the holidays.

Now, those of you that read “never-before-seen” and instantly thought that meant you would finally have the chance to buy Cliff Bleszinski’s tooth brush will sadly need to scale your expectations back just a tad. You can however get your hands on spiffy apparel, drinkware, and artwork. My “favorite” is the blatant Olly Moss ripoff shown above, created by the “Epic Games art team.”

We reached out to artist Olly Moss directly for a comment and he confirmed to us via email that he had absolutely nothing to do with the piece.

This now makes two video game related ripoffs of Olly’s work (that we know of), with the Borderlands 2 manual being the prior. Olly was a “huge fan” of Borderlands, and tweeted his disappointment when the Gearbox art was brought to his attention.

“I’m a huge Gearbox fan so I was really disappointed to see this image inside the Borderlands 2 box.”

It should also be noted that Olly claimed the Gearbox manual art didn’t just copy his style, it directly lifted from his original work, and we do not know whether he believes the Gears of War piece did the same.

In closing, as an artist myself, I can say that there is a fine line between claiming pop culture influence and chop-shop corporate ignorance. If you’re a big time company out there that wants to profit off his unique style, then pay the man. It’s not like he is deceased or you simply can’t afford him.