Give me a sec while I try think of a good Jurassic Park game. There was Jurassic Park: Chaos Island. Warpath. Danger Zone! Island Attack. The DNA Factor. Park Builder. There were also those 8-bit versions that came out on- believe it or not- the NES and Master System. Operation Genesis. Telltale’s QTE filled Jurassic Park:The Game. Hmm… since none come to mind, I’m going to have to go ahead and show you this Jurassic Park mod for Half-Life 2 that’s looking to blow all the other versions of the game out of the water:

Titled “Jurassic Life,” the game is being independently developed by a group of enthusiastic modders who have been working on the project for over six years now. As the trailer indicates, there’s no release date on the game, but you can keep up with the project over at their official site here.

P.S. Jurassic Park: Trespasser. Just wanted to throw that onto the list.

via [DSO Gaming]