Hey, are you guys still into Jurassic Park games being made by enthusiasts instead of professionals? Well, I am, so I’m going to go ahead and point out “Crynosaurs“- a Jurassic Park tech demo built upon the glorious Cry Engine 3. Here’s a bit of how it looks like:

Yup. Kind of gorgeous. Note also how the movements of the raptors are a bit more naturalistic, choosing to surround the player instead of charging- to quote the movie “smart ladies.” The developers chose to focus on only one dinosaur and its behaviors for this demo, so don’t expect to see a lot of J.P. references.

The demo requires users to have a crydev account, but no actual Crytek based game to run it. It can be picked up over at the Mod DB page for the project, or the project’s site here.

via [Reddit]