Here’s something fantastic. Announced this past summer, Reus is a 2D god-game being developed by Abbey Games where players take control of the gods themselves. Using what looks like three, giant avatars that each represent a different natural element, players create a landscape for humanity to live in. Check out the in-game trailer here:

To quote the developer’s site “There is only one thing on the planet that you do not control: mankind… You can shape their world, but not their will.” The trailer seems to confirm this as humans appear to be attacking the giants. While I’m all for people killing their gods Klingon-style, being a god doesn’t make you powerless. Hope to see what these Cthulhu-like creatures can respond with.

Reus comes to the PC in Q2 of this year.


  1. Very poor analogy here, these things are anything but Lovecraftian, and not the slightest bit Cthulhu-like. Maybe you should actually read some Lovecraft before you go around using his name.

  2. Maybe the writer’ve seen another video, because these gods don’t look like Lovecraftian gods…

    But the game looks interesting :)