The Wii U may not be lighting the gaming world on fire, but don’t think that means that Nintendo is anywhere near cutting the price on the console. Because it is already being sold for less than its manufacturing cost, company president Satoru Iwata has declared that there is no incoming markdown on the console. Given the strategy Nintendo took with the 3DS last year, more than a few thought that the the lower-than-expected numbers might drive Nintendo to drop the price of the console, in a similar fashion to what they did with the handheld.

Though it’s true that the Wii U is sold at a loss, it was reported that it took the purchase of only a single game alongside the console to bring in profit. That being the case, it isn’t surprising that Iwata stated part of Nintendo’s plan to be “enriching the software lineup,” in an attempt to make the appeal of the console more evident. He also thinks that the numbers show that Nintendo has yet to properly communicate the “value of the product,” which, along with an enriched software lineup, must be part of Nintendo’s strategy going forward.

Personally, what kept me away from the Wii U was a lack of interesting software. The console itself looks like an interesting concept, but you can’t sell hardware on concept and potential alone, a lesson Sony is also learning with the PlayStation Vita. But with the recent announcement of some upcoming Legend of Zelda titles for the console, we might be seeing the start of a more engaging software lineup for the system.

And you just know that the upcoming Bayonetta 2 is going to move at least a couple of units.

via [Destructoid]