Sony is being rather mysterious. Earlier today, they posted a video. Nothing long, or particularly informative, just the standard square, triangle, circle and cross icons you’d see on a PlayStation controller dancing around to a rather catchy beat. It ends with a shot of the trademark ‘PS’ logo, and a date: February 20th, 2013. On the PlayStation website, a new page has been added, the ‘PlayStation Meeting 2013’ page. It again draws attention to the February 20th date, and gives a time: 6 PM EST. You can also sign up your e-mail address to ‘be the first to know.’

One has to wonder what this announcement is teasing. Yes, the PlayStation 4 would probably be what jumps readily to most people’s minds, but is that all this could be? What else might Sony have up their sleeve to tease? And, if this is a PlayStation 4 announcement, why are they choosing February 20th? Most other news sites are crying PS4, but I’m going to wait and see what Sony have up their sleeves. Should that be what the announcement turns out to be about, then great. But if it’s not, I can say with pride that I’m one of the few who wasn’t expecting it. I did sign up, though. I would like to be the first to know, whatever it turns out to be.

via [Gamespot]