First out of the gate with next generation hardware is Sony (sorry Nintendo- WiiU’s parity doesn’t count) with the PlayStation 4. While the name might be a bit lazy, at least we don’t have to spend time adjusting to some new word. Here’s a menagerie of videos showing off new, exciting titles and some rehashes of old ones.

Watch Dogs

Here’s the impressive Watch Dogs footage, but with developer commentary from the game’s main creative director that explains what’s going on:

inFamous: Second Son

While the intro to this game got disproportionately intense with facts about government invasions of privacy and police corruption, I was just as put off by Sucker Punch’s trailer for inFamous: Second Son that had no gameplay in it:

Deep Down

So Capcom is making a sequel to Dragon’s Dogma but they’re not calling it Dragon’s Dogma 2… yet. Right now it’s going under the pseudonym Deep Down: Working Title. (I kid.) Here’s the video:

The Witness

After Jonathan Blow went up on stage and essentially told the audience that explosions suck, he showed off his trailer of his beautiful new game, The Witness. Well played, Mr. Blow. I can’t wait for everyone to love the game for reasons he doesn’t think are good enough.


I’m much more excited about Mark Cerny explaining what hardware does more than I am of his new game, Knack, but here’s the trailer for it anyway:


The first rule of DriveClub is that you never talk about DriveClub… unless you’re doing it with a breathless voice that sounds like you’re about to climax. Also, don’t ruin those leather seats:


Lastly, here’s some promotional material about the console itself: