Another set of software has passed through the internet fire that is Greenlight and are coming to the platform soon. On the productivity software side comes Black Ink and Driver Fusion. Black Ink is an illustrator and photo editor, while Driver Fusion is a driver utility manager. What that says about the Greenlight’s voting community I’ll leave up to you.

On the games side, Anodyne leads the pack. It’s a Zelda-esque 2D, pixel art game that recently generated some buzz when the devs let loose an official torrent of the game on Pirate Bay, with a message politely asking folks to support them. The result is that even though they were selling the game for a dollar as part of the promotion, they ended up racking over $12,000 in three days.

Rising from the proto game of Nitronic Rush comes Distance, a car game with a Tron aesthetic. The game mixes exploration, racing, and even a little bit of platforming. You can still download Nitronic Rush from the game’s official site here to get a hint of what the game is like.

Evoland bills itself as “a short story of adventure video games evolution.” The game started as Ludum Dare winner that incrementally evolved through eras of games as players opened up chests. The game’s scope has now broadened and will reach more modern times and have a generally longer adventure. It’s a fascinating way to explore the history of games and I hope they go a good job of it. You can check out the original Ludum Dare entry here.

I’ve written up Huntsman: The Orphanage before, so make sure to check out the article here. In short, it’s a FPH (first-person horror) game that rose up out of the popularity of Slender: The Eight Pages.

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game with RTS elements. Mike had good things to say about the iOS version of it this past summer.

Legends of Dawn is an isometric action RPG that I hadn’t heard about until looking it up today for this article. The developers claim that the game is hearkening back to older design conventions. As someone who is not a particular fan of the genre, I see skeletons, spells, and a dense UI- nothing particularly groundbreaking but maybe it’ll still be good.

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut combines the gameplay and visuals of Oregon Trail with a zombie apocalypse. While a 2 year old flash game of the version exists, the director’s cut claims to add more content and make it more playable.

Receiver is made by the guys behind the Humble Indie Bundle and OvergrowthWolfire Games. The game was made as part of the 7 Day FPS game jam. The game’s hook is that interacting with the gun is an extremely detailed experience more akin to handling a gun in real life. Loading individual bullets, pulling hammers, remembering ammunition instead of the game just telling you, aiming at arm’s length. This game is either a love letter to guns or an intentional rejection of modern video games’ interpretation of guns.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 was originally a flash game on Kongregate that seems made for the over-reacting makers of Youtube videos. Players perform a heart operation from the first-person perspective of a one-armed man. As individual fingers can be controlled, think QWOP, but bloodier.

War Thunder is a flight sim MMO with a focus on WWII era planes. An MMO getting greenlit seems odd enough, but the niche appeal of the game kind of makes sense.

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