If you haven’t seen the new spot for Microsoft Explore Touch featuring singer, song-writer, and producer Blake Lewis, by agency Fi then please allow me to share it with you below.

Explore Touch, accessible at exploretouch.ie, is an HTML5 driven Microsoft website that allows anyone with Internet Explorer 10 and a touch device running Windows 8 to make “intuitive touch gestures” with their fingers that mix audio files and create unique sound tracks with a “psychedelic explosion of colors” that visually enhance the music you create.

If you are thinking, “Hey this all seems like a drawn out promotional tool for Internet Explorer 10 and touch devices capable of running Windows 8” you are probably right, but hey it’s still pretty interesting. Here’s some behind the scenes info.

Sadly I can’t see the majority of the iPad toting public caring much for this. What do you think of Explore Touch by Microsoft? Is this something you would dabble around with or is it not worth your time? Share your thoughts in the comment section.