If you’re a fan of Sleeping Dogs, the gritty sandbox crime game from United Front Games and Square Enix, you have no doubt spent a pretty penny on post-release DLC. To date, there have been a total of five in-game content packs along with two story expansions, “Nightmare in North Point” and “Zodiac Tournament”. The latter two expanded upon the story of Wei Shen, and they provided some quality content in the form of a horror-themed subplot and a fighting tournament that Shen must enter into. The latest expansion, the third to tie into the story, is called “Year of the Snake” and it is now available for download. With a clever continuation of the main plot and some new perks, fans will need little encouragement to take to the street and take out the trash once more!

The “Year of the Snake” expansion takes place after the events of the main storyline in Sleeping Dogs. Wei Shen is back in the Hong Kong Police Department, however things soon unravel when a doomsday cult plants their flag in the city. Their goal is to throw the city of hong Kong into chaos by wreaking havoc through violence and destruction, and it is up to Wei Shen to stop them by thwarting their murderous plots and preventing the downfall of the city. The Year of the Snake expansion offers new missions along with an array of new weapons at Shen’s disposal, including an electroshock gun and tear gas launcher. New outfits and abilities round out this package, and for those who are into achievements and trophies, you can earn a total of four in this DLC pack. For fans of Sleeping Dogs, this should prove to be a worthy addition to an already stellar game.

The “Year of the Snake” DLC pack is available now on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC for a cost of $6.99 (560 MSP). Sleeping Dogs was released on August 14, 2012 and was met with critical acclaim and strong sales in excess of 1.5 million copies.