In preparation for PAX East here in our hometown of Boston, 2k Games and the team at Gearbox Software have released a forty-three second Borderlands 2 trailer titled “Mayham Approaches.” The footage is essentially the same as the original leak from the SXSW Interactive festival that got the new melee based vault hunter juices flowing, with the only real difference being the PAX East call out at the end. You can see it at the end of this post if you are so inclined.

Regardless, the bigger story here is that some fans are upset that the new character DLC is not a part of the season pass they already paid for, and when rumors started swirling that the character DLC may be tied to a new level cap increase, torches and pitchforks started flying off the shelves faster than AC units in the month of July. Well, thanks to a recent tweet by Gearbox, at least a few angry fans can start laying down their arms.

As for the character DLC not being a part of the season pass, Gearbox is leaning on the fine print. In other words, they stated that the season pass would include access to four “campaign” DLC packs. While the addition of a “character” DLC pack seems like a shady workaround, they reserve the right to do it. And yes, in some instances a season pass means we get every bit of DLC a game will have to offer, but it doesn’t by any means guarantee that.

It’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes, but the geeky pastime we love is considered a business by many. While we may not like the idea of “Complete Edition” releases and season passes that don’t always cover the full “season,” we need to remember one important thing, we can dictate change by what we decide to support. If we don’t agree with something, we can always put our money where are wallet is, and keep it there.

Let us know your thoughts on this subject in the comments section below.

Now, as promised, here is the PAX East flavored Mayham Approaches teaser trailer for the new Borderlands 2 character DLC.


  1. i find it retarded that Gearbox is screwing ppl. Some ppl bought the Complete Edition that was around $150 and the strategy book as well, which was around $30. Plus the season pass was also around $30. So now they decided, “Hey lets be technical and say that the ppl will get the ‘Campaign’ dlc 4 free with the season pass, but not the ‘Character’ dlc.” They just like 2 rip ppl of of their $.

  2. it is stupid for anyone to get mad at the fact the new class wont be included in the season pass. The season pass clearly states “four CAMPAIGN addons”. Gaige wasn’t a part of the pass so why would anyone think this one will be? How hard is all of this to understand????

  3. I’m upset about them charging for the level cap increase because that means my friends will get left behind unless they decide to give gearbox more money. That said, the Season Pass was pretty clear about excluding character packs (like the Mechromancer was)… it wasn’t “fine print” or anything like that. It’s kind of a jerk move, but nowhere near as bad as par for the course from EA.