persona 4 golden

I’ll admit that I felt a little funny deciding to write up a story about the sale of a single game. But the thing about constantly writing up stories related to the gaming industry is that it’s really easy to get caught up with covering the big stuff, and overlook the little things.

But as you may remember from my review back in November, I loved Persona 4: Golden. I’ve sunk more than 100 hours into it, and for nearly a month, it was one of the only things I played. Certainly it’s been the game that has gotten me to pick up my Vita the most. And while the game being sold for $10 off for two weeks isn’t necessarily “big news,” it certainly is a little thing I can be happy about.

Maybe that partially ties into the fact that, aside from old PSP games being released for free through PlayStation Plus, I haven’t found much of a reason to turn to my Vita since P4G, and for a while, that little handheld was constantly on. Or maybe it’s because there was a time when JRPGs were my absolute favourite genre, and P4G helped me remember that. Either way, looking at it in that light helped remind me that announcing that a game I love is available for $29.99 rather than $39.99 for two weeks doesn’t fall into the same realm as marketing. It’s almost like a public service announcement: you can buy this great game for cheap for the next couple of weeks, so if you’re interested, go ahead.

Sometimes, the smallest things can remind you why something is important to you. Seeing that P4G was on sale reminded me that, despite the fact I don’t use it very much, I still enjoy my Vita quite a lot. The potential for great gaming experiences is sitting right here on my desk, and P4G is, so far, the best example of that. With that in mind, let me say it one more time:

For the next two weeks, Atlus is offering the stellar PlayStation Vita JRPG Persona 4: Golden for $10 off of its sticker price (that means it’s down to $29.99 fro, $39.99, in the North American markets). If you’re at all interested in this title, love JRPGs, or are just looking for a new Vita game, I suggest you check this one out. It’s definitely worth your time.