Today must be national rumor day, and I’ve got another one for you.

According to VG Leaks, the long-awaited Final Fantasy Versus XIII may be making the jump to the next generation. In a brief post, the site claims that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is getting a name change (allegedly, Final Fantasy XVand a new exclusive home on Sony‘s PS4.

The rumor suggests that Sony is helping Square Enix develop the title, necessitating its exclusivity on the company’s next-generation console. It isn’t forthright about exactly when Sony and Square began working together, but, apparently, it was in the middle of this process that the game’s name was changed to Final Fantasy XV.

If this rumor turns out to be true, it could be pretty big news (not as big as Versus to the Sega Master System though). Having a hugely anticipated (and, let’s face it, long assumed cancelled) Final Fantasy title slated exclusively for the PlayStation 4 is going to be enough to move consoles.  The idea that Sony and Square are working together on this one also suggests that this might not be the only exclusive Final Fantasy title we see in the next generation. When Final Fantasy XIII was initially revealed for the Xbox 360, gamers were shocked about the fact that it was no longer an exclusive. I’m sure Sony would like to have such a big name squarely (get it?) in their camp again.

Once again, I would like to stress that this is a rumor, so grab a glass of water and down that salt. VG Leaks gives no indication as to why they’re suggesting this is the case. One possible explanation for the name change portion of this rumor, is an article that went up on Kotaku on Tuesday: apparently, a fashion label that was creating a line of clothing based off of Final Fantasy Versus XIII mislabeled their line as being based off of Final Fantasy XV. Supposedly, the mistake has been there for over a year, but since it’s only recently been pointed out, it’s quite possible that this discrepancy is where the Final Fantasy XV title originated from.

However, it is also worth mentioning that at last month’s PlayStation Meeting, alongside the reveal of the PlayStation 4, Shinji Hashimoto, the Final Fantasy brand director, did say that Square was developing a Final Fantasy title for the upcoming console, and asked the audience to get excited for E3. It is possible that the renaming and relocating of Final Fantasy Versus XIII is the announcement that he was hinting at.

We’ve reached out to Square for comment, and will update if we receive any new information. Barring that, I suppose we’ll just have to wait until June.

Update: Square-Enix got back to us, however a “no comment” was all we received. On the plus side, they didn’t refute the rumor all together, and considering another leak regarding Microsoft’s Durango, also originating from the site VG Leaks, has already been backed by an Edge-Online unnamed source, this rumor just may prove to have some truth to it after all.


      • I enjoyed XIII as well. I knew it’s problems, and it definitely didn’t come within spitting distance of my favourite FF games, but I thought there was some interesting ideas at play. I’m interested to see what E3 brings.

    • It’s possible that Square is transitioning to the next gen, and will make it a timed Sony exclusive, moving over to Microsoft’s next console whenever. I would find it odd for Sony to allow Square to create hype at a PlayStation event for a title that was coming out on multiple platforms from the moment it was released.

      • I see this coming to WiiU as well. Unlike Wii SD, this can run all engines, including the new one that S-E has. SO I see this eventually coming to WiiU. I don’t see this being an exclusive either way.

        Of course all of this is just rumors.

        • True. We won’t know what Square has planned until E3. And if this game’s history is anything to go by, it won’t be this Final Fantasy that they talk about at E3, but an entirely different game. Now that the Lightning Saga is just about wrapped up, though, I don’t think they can afford to not push forward with this one.

          • I just hope they don’t deny WiiU a Final Fantasy. Although there WAS a MiiVerse leak a while back that stated a “Final Fantasy 3” leaked for WiiU, which included other titles listed on there that were confirmed. That makes me think we’ll see something FF-related on WiiU.

        • Hahahaha, no. Anything the Wii U can run, the PS3 or 360 can run. The ENGINE isn’t the key, it’s the number of polygons on-screen, the draw distance, the resolution, the overall visual complexity with stuff like tessellation and advanced physics. The Wii U is no more capable than the PS3, not much more powerful than a 360.

          With any luck, Nintendo will drop support of the Wii U and take their hardware business seriously next time around. Same goes to the 3DS.

  1. There’s no way this is going to be an exclusive. Sony would make sure not to leave that out on the PS4 conference.

    • Very true. But at the same time, it would strike me as very weird for Sony to allow Square to come up on stage, at THEIR event, say “get excited for E3,” and then announce a multiplatform title once E3 rolled around. If Final Fantasy Versus XIII isn’t a PS4 exclusive, then I would expect that there IS a PS4 exclusive Final Fantasy in the works. I think Sony just wanted to save some big announcements for E3.

      • They it there was one in the works but didn’t mention any exclusivity. They would make sure to hit that point if indeed it was.
        AAA exclusive games from third party studios is a thing of the past. I can’t remember the last time it happened tbh. And with a mega producion like FF XV you can forget about it.