Being a PC gamer is pretty great, because there are frequently bundles of excellent indie games on offer. Quite often, these bundles often wind up being ‘pay-what-you-want.’ Bundle Stars is offering one such bundle right now, dubbed Indie MashUp 5. From now until April 16th, players can head to the website and grab this bundle, which starts at the low low price of just $1.00. Paying the lowest amount will only net you two of the games, though: StarDrone and Jazz: Trump’s Journey. Both of these $1 games are DRM-free.

Should you decide you want the other six games, any amount over $5 will get you all eight (the full list of titles is below). There are also two mystery games that you’ll get for that price as well. Bundle Stars haven’t unlocked these, yet, but you’ll get an e-mail once they do. In addition to getting some pretty interesting-sounding titles, five percent of each sale the bundle makes goes to the SpecialEffect charity, which helps children and adults with severe disabilities to play computer games.

You can check out the full list of titles and their descriptions below. It’s also worth mentioning that Bundle Stars is keeping track of who pays what for the bundle, and, since this is for a charity, the five people who pay the most for the budnle will get the next Indie MashUp completely free. Right now, the top payment is around $26.00, which, considering that these games separately will cost you over $100, is still an excellent deal. So, if you’ve got some cash to spare, you can try to preemptively win yourself a free bundle while helping out a charitable organization.

Anyway, here’s the promised list:

Paying any amount above £1 (around $1) will get you:

Jazz: Trump’s Journey (Windows/Mac/DRM-free) is an absorbing indie platformer which puts you on a quest to form a band. A unique and beautifully designed game, last year’s review in Edge Magazine described it as “brave and enjoyable” and “visually and aurally a triumph”.

StarDrone (Windows/DRM-free/Desura)is a dazzling, fast-paced arcade game from talented indie developer Orb Games. The sci-fi themed game was rated 85% by GamesMaster magazine, and comes supplied with an original soundtrack and bonus wallpapers.

Paying any amount above £3.94 (around $5) will unlock 6 more games, all redeemable on Steam:

Tank Universal (Windows/Steam) is a colourful, retro-inspired shooter. It’s a masterful blend of action, strategy and stunningly bold 3D visuals. Tank Universal was described by GameFocus as “a benchmark title in the indie development community”.

Vigil: Blood Bitterness (Windows/Steam) is an award-winning indie adventure game with stylish noir visuals. If you like your games dark and disturbing then you’ll love Vigil. According to JustAdventure, who gave the game a straight A- review, it’s a “very atmospheric game with good storyline and puzzles.”

Chrome (Windows/Steam) is the classic sci-fi shooter that catapulted Techland, developer of Dead Island and Call of Juarez, to worldwide critical and commercial success. Play the single player campaign, or shoot it out using every available weapon and vehicle with up to 32 opponents in multiplayer mode.

Still Life (Windows/Steam) is a critically acclaimed adventure game from the producers of Syberia. Victoria McPherson is a brilliant young FBI agent who’s investigating a grisly serial murder case. The body count is now at five with a lack of real leads. With a compelling storyline, beautifully detailed environments and challenging puzzles, this is a game you can’t afford to miss.

Still Life 2 (Windows/Steam) allows you to play and control two characters bound by the same fate. See the game from two complementary viewpoints and experience two different gameplays. Note: this game is intended for mature persons only and contains material that may shock and offend. You have been warned!

Crash Time 2 (Windows/Steam) brings the bundle to a close with some good, honest car-nage and destruction! Solve exciting criminal cases on the mean streets as a member of the police force – or freely explore the open game world while chasing down high-octane racers.