The latest installment of the Madden Cover Vote for EA Sports Madden NFL 25 has just reached round 2, and some of the round one eliminations may surprise you. This year’s voting is split up into two categories; “New School” and “Old School.”

The “New School” matchups featured Doug Martin running away from Mathew Stafford while Dez Bryant soared above C.J. Spiller. Von Miller beat out Victor Cruz in the battle of the Vs and Arian Foster side stepped the Patriots’ freshly inked replacement for Wes Welker, former Rams receiver Danny Amendola. When the dust settles in Pittsburgh, Antonio Brown may be the only member of the “Young Money” crew left catching balls from Big Ben, but he was no match for the end zone spike machine that is Rob Gronkowski.

Here are the complete “New School” results from round 1:


On the “Old School” side of things Clinton Portis lost out to Marshall Faulk, which is no surprise  but what the hell is Clinton Portis doing representing the Redskins in the first place? Did John Riggins have a flat tire? Curtis Martin may have beaten Jerome “The Bus” Bettis into the Hall of Fame, but he couldn’t beat him out in Madden fan cover voting. Based on the data shared with us by EA Sports, the matchup between Joe Montana and Jake Delhome (a real nail biter on paper) was a massive blowout consisting of 640,000 of the over 700,000 votes going to Joe. Talk about a fair fight.

Here are the complete “Old School” results from round 1:


Speaking of fair fight, do any of the round two matchups stand out to you as possible blowouts? What do you think of the old school versus new school voting format this year? Lastly, are you ticked that some of your favorites didn’t even make it into the competition? Let me know in the comments section below or message me on twitter @chadlakkis.