The last chapter in what I never expected to be a trilogy is hitting store shelves this fall. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is the third and final chapter in the ‘Lightning saga,’ and Square has released a bunch of new screenshots for the game. This isn’t a whole lot of information one can glean from this batch. Most of them are desert-themed, some kind of bandit group is mentioned (the captions for each picture were provided by Square), it’s stated that Lightning can buy new abilities, and it sounds like she’ll be hunting for treasure of some sort in this desert, but that’s about it. It might be worth mentioning, though, that the only familiar character in these shots is Lightning, reinforcing the notion (not that it needed it) that she will be the focus of this next title.

There isn’t much more to say about it. While I did find moments to enjoy with Final Fantasy XIII, neither it nor XIII-2 are anywhere near the top of my list of favourite Final Fantasy games, so I have no real strong opinions about this next entry. I’ll probably grab it, just to conclude the story, but it isn’t likely to be one I’m going to replay over and over again. Anyway, as I said, Lightning Returns will be available this fall for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Enjoy the screenshots.