I enjoy events like PAX because I see all sorts of crazy things and that grants me the opportunity to ask off the wall questions. If you see a food court filled with a few hundred people and only four tables it’s perfectly fine to ask “why not go with two tables?” If you see a life size statue of Lara Croft outside the Square Enix booth for Tomb Raider it’s almost rude to not inquire “how much?” So, I did.

Apparently only a few of these deer killing, crab eating, flaming arrow shooting, tomb raiding statues were created, and the cost was in the neighborhood of $3,200 each. Unfortunately, they aren’t for sale, I asked that too. But even if you could buy the one on the show floor, moving her in wouldn’t come cheap. One exhibitor paid over $2,000 just to have their colossal cast delivered.

Just for the hell of it I showed my wife a picture of the statue and said “wouldn’t that look good in my gaming room?” to which she responded “why do you want a statue of the girl from Grey’s Anatomy holding a bow and arrow?”

Alas Lara, it wasn’t meant to be. We’ll always have Paris.