Do you own a computer currently possessed by an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card? Well, if you do and you plan on playing BioShock Infinite you should make sure to download the new 314.22 drivers for performance optimizations of up to 41%.

The 41% boost to Infinite was experienced over the 314.07 driver set with both systems using a GTX 680 running at 2560×1600 with Ultra settings. What’s even more impressive is the 71% boost those playing Tomb Raider with a GTX 660 could potentially receive when running the same 2560×1600 resolution on Ultra.

You’ll also see improvements for other titles as well on the single-GPU and SLI front with Civilization V getting a 30% lift and Sleeping Dogs waking up from a 12% nap.

For a complete detailed breakdown of everything this driver update has to offer for your specific card head on over to the GeForce 314.22 update page right here. Or, if you’re ready to download this drive update right now, you can do that by clicking this link instead.