Naughty Dog‘s The Last of Us is due to hit store shelves on June 14th, exclusively for the PlayStation 3, but what if you wanted to wait until the holiday release of the PlayStation 4 instead? Would the developer be interested in porting their already amazing looking title to the next generation of Sony gaming hardware?

A NeoGAF user asked if the studio had any plans to release the game for the PS4, and the bearded face of Arne Meyer, a man who was still fresh in my mind from PAX East, responded in kind.

“Not at this time. We’re focused on shipping for PS3 – thinking about how to bring this over to the PS4 would distract us right now. IF that’s something we can and choose to do, I suspect it would happen once we release the game.”

I can tell you that after playing The Last of Us for nearly an hour at PAX East, the game looks great and considering Naughty Dog is and always has been about the story, I can tell you that I never once sat there and said to myself “I wish this had better graphics.”