While the smoke and mirrors act of Joakim Mogren was doused aggressively at Hideo Kojima‘s GDC press conference, that hasn’t stopped the twitter account of Joakim Mogren from tweeting away. His latest tweet offers confirmation that “the game will be on PS4.” One can only assume he is talking about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Considering the trailer footage shown at GDC closes with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 logos on screen, it would appear that a PlayStation 4 release would be in addition to those consoles – not an exclusive.


Of course, another possibility is that this account has nothing to do with the actual actor who played Joakim Mogren that showed up for the Geoff Keighley exclusive interview a few weeks ago. When Keighley tweeted that he was going to interview the Moby Dick Studios head, he didn’t link his twitter handle.

Hideo Kojima chimed in two days ago saying that the Joakim Mogren Twitter account wasn’t his, but considering he’s already lied regarding the promotion of his game once (when he straight up told reporters he had no involvement in The Phantom Pain), I can’t help but take everything he says with a grain of salt.

And even if this account is the real deal, the tweet itself makes no mention of the exact game he is referring to. Just some more food for thought.


  1. kojima said in a tweet a few days ago that the joakim mogren account was not him, and that he did not know who was doing it. So I would hold anything that account says with a grain of salt

    • Thanks John. I will certainly include that tweet, however Hideo Kojima has lied before. He originally said he had nothing to do with The Phantom Pain as well. I have a hard time taking the man for his word when it comes to the promotion of one of his titles. He does enjoy getting people talking.