One of the biggest stories from around this time last year was the collapse of Major League Baseball pitcher Curt Schilling‘s 38 Studios, following the release of their only title, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. It was a complicated case to follow, and eventually led to Schilling selling off memorabilia from his career in order to cover the huge financial loss. The closure of the studio put an end to any ideas the development team may have had about a sequel to Reckoning, and halted development of Project Copernicus, an MMORPG set in the Amalur universe.

That isn’t the end of the story, though. A post on NeoGaf today drew our attention to the website of the now-defunct 38 Studios, which is showing distinct signs of life. Upon first clicking the link, we were gifted to three posts. One was titled ‘Please Excuse the Mess, We’re Moving In,’ and was headed with the following image:


Some kind of reference to the troubles last year? Possibly. The other two posts were dedicated to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Project Copernicus. They were really just brief summaries of both projects that look as though they could have been written during the period of active development of each project. They both detailed their respective projects in present tense, as though they were presently being worked on.

Shortly after that first visit to the site, we discovered that it had been pulled. After another brief wait, it went live again, this time with an extra page, and a message about the studio:


In addition to that post, the pages dedicated to Reckoning and Copernicus had both been tagged with a ‘flashback’ tag, while the ‘Excuse the Mess’ page had been tagged as ‘relaunch.’ A quick Whois search revealed that the website still exists on the same server as the old Reckoning website, and the Big Huge Games page. Yet the post on the studio clearly states that the site has no connection with the 38 Studios that was working on the titles set in the Amalur universe. What’s the purpose behind the relaunch of the site? A tribute to this now defunct studio? The ‘Moving in’ post suggests the promise of future activity, but in claiming no affiliation with the 38 of old, it doesn’t sound like anything substantial.

We’ve reached out to a source close to former staff of 38, and even they aren’t sure what exactly is going on. We’ll keep you updated with any information we find.

Update: Another update has hit the site, this time stating:

“Amid the maelstrom [this links to a Google search for 38 Studios] of recent press, we realize it’s unlikely you’re here to visit the new occupants; namely, us. Meh. Our apologies. That being said, if you’re looking for updates on the former tenants: Curt Shilling, Green Monster Games, etc. Try here [this links to Google’s homepage]. Otherwise, it’s business as usual. Please excuse the mess while we move in.”

We’re still unsure what their plans are for ‘moving in,’ but it’s clear this isn’t affiliated in any way with 38 Studios. One must wonder what this particular group is doing with the website.