The Kickstarter for Torment: Tides of Numenera has officially closed. Between PayPal donations and the 74,405 Kickstarter backers, the project raised over $4.3 million, and crossed some impressive milestones along the way. If the estimates made during the project’s wrap party are accurate, Tides of Numenera was the fastest Kickstarter to break the $1 million mark, crossing that line and meeting the initial $900,000 funding goal in just six hours. It was also suggested that this particular project has the largest number of $10,000 backers that a Kickstarter has seen yet, showing just how many passionate, loyal fans of Planescape: Torment, the team at inExile, and classic role-playing games were keeping an eye on this fundraiser.

The final stretch goal Numenera managed to hit was at the $4.25 million mark, bringing to the game a longer story, a huge in-game codex, and add the ability to craft your own numenera. On the way to that point, the project hit 16 other stretch goals, including the addition of Patrick Rothfuss and Chris Avellone to the design team, the ability to choose either male or female gender for your character, two apologies from Colin McComb regarding “The Complete Book of Elves,” and more.

Congratulations to the team at inExile. Between this and Wasteland II, you no doubt have your hands full, and I am really looking forward to playing the final products when they hit shelves. As the current estimated delivery date of Numenera is December of 2014, though, it looks like I have a while to wait.