In a Game Informer video interview that accompanied their May cover reveal, Warner Bros. Games Montreal Narrative Director/Writer on Batman: Arkham OriginsDooma Wendschuh talks about the “amazing opportunity” that is creating the “first Akrham game actually set on the streets of Gotham City.”

When you pair that statement above with the knowledge that former Epic Games Lead Designer, Eric Holmes (who has big time open world experience under his belt with titles such as The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Prototype), is the lead on Origins, a larger setting for the game seems like a perfect fit.

Adding more fuel to the “massive world tease” fire, VP and Executive Producer at WB Games Montreal, Reid Schneider, released the following statement, in which he called the world “expanded,” via a press release:

“We are huge fans of the franchise and are committed to creating an experience that offers players more of what they love, as well as the chance to play as a younger Batman within a fresh storyline and expanded world.”

Arkham City was fairly open to begin with so how much larger will Eric and his team go with Origins? Will the “sandbox” approach grant us the ability to not only explore places we haven’t been able to in previous iterations but also allow us to freely make use of elements we couldn’t before, such as vehicles etc?

If the answer ends up being yes, how would you feel about it? Would you welcome the inclusion of vehicles in this series or do you think it would take away from the slow and methodical pace set by the prior installments? Share your thoughts in the comments section or ping me on twitter @chadlakkis.


  1. I don’t think how a FULL-open-world, sandbox game could ever work. Batman shouldn’t be indiscriminately mowing down pedestrians, whether they’d be innocent civilians or criminals. What are they gonna put in? A notoriety/morality/trust meter? That wouldn’t fit in a Batman game.

    • He won’t be able to, the explanation is that because its christmas eve everyone is with their families or in doors and there’s probably some better explanations too, like terrible weather snowing people in, I think some crooked cops will be in there though, its early days.

    • It has been mentioned that there won’t be pedestrians or civilians in Arkham “City”, just the “city” will not be tarnished or destructed as it is in the current game. The developers have specifically mentioned that even though there won’t be civilians around the city would still feel very much functional (probably with Chrismasy decorations and jingle bells) ….

      And the *new* Gotham City will have shops and hotels and offices which will act as functional elements of the *that* particular section of the map.

      The combat system has been kept the same except for Batman’s expertise. He is making mistakes and missing punches this time because he is much less experienced.

      But you know, to add a lot more darkness to the game the more randomness they add to the game it feels even better. Keeping Batman confused and looking for answers and finding them in the dark places where even he wouldn’t want to go. Well that’s how I imagine the game could be made awesome.

  2. The best thing I would suggest for an open world game specially the Arkham franchise (which is about the world’s best detective) is the ability to interact with the world according to the players wish and not like that in Arkham City where everything (read trophies and Riddler’s secrets) was placed in a predetermined manner.

    Let Batman interact with people and surrounding freely or atleast give him a lot of options and choices. I am saying this because they are taking the effort to make the world more than twice as big as the previous game.

    But my words are waste because the game is already made or atleast 80% developed so now there is not turning back.

  3. I think the addition of vehicles would be great. I’d love to drive the batmobile or fly the batwing. It would be better than just gliding around

  4. Yes, Totally! You Need to Have the Batmobile Functional as well as the Batwing. It would be way better if Batman actully took a few scenes in the story line, just to head back to the Batcave,, work on the Computer, then get in the Batmobile and head out to the Streets of a Large Gotham.