Despite Blizzard’s upcoming MMO project being dubbed Codename: Titan since late 2010, the name itself has recently be registered by Respawn Entertainment, a video game studio formed by the creators of the Call of Duty franchise.  The new studio is currently working on their first title, according to their official website, which will be eventually published by EA.  While there isn’t an ETA for the new game just yet, the studio has already lost of one of the co-founders when Jason West left back in March, 2013.

The current staff of artists, designers, and producers are mostly composed of those who have worked on various Call of Duty titles and other first person shooters including the Borderlands, Doom, Modern Warfare, Medal of Honor, and Resistance series. One of the animators, Bruce Ferriz, even worked on a GoldenEye game. Shot in the dark here, but chances are that the trend will continue with Titan.