Microsoft‘s next-gen event may be scheduled for bright and early tomorrow, but Sony are determined to make sure that people don’t forget about them. In a brief teaser video released today, Sony has offered us our first blurred, incomplete look at the PlayStation 4 console. The video is a series of extreme close-ups that flash by quickly, showing sharpened corners and rounded edges, as well as a brief snap of the DualShock 4 controller, and a blurry, distant shot of the console as a whole. It ends with the date of their E3 press conference – 6:00 PM PDT on June 10th – suggesting pretty specifically that they are, in fact, planning on revealing what the hardware looks like during their keynote.

There were quite a lot of people who were upset with Sony for not showing off the hardware during the console’s initial reveal, but the company was adamant that what was important was the software, not the hardware, which is why that was their focus. As they also talked a lot about the sharing feature, it also became necessary to show off the controller at the event. Furthermore, at the time of the reveal, the hardware had not yet been finalized, making Sony’s decision to not show it understandable, if a little annoying.

This year’s E3 is already set to be a big one, and it will be exciting to see the full magnitude of what Microsoft and Sony have planned for the expo come June.

Source [The Escapist]