One of the strengths of the video game medium is that of location based exploration. Sure, a film about a location and what makes it unique can give us a concise, guided tour, but places in video games allow for users to explore environments that create a sensation of being there without having to leave home. Whether it’s driving through the New York simulacra in GTA IV or running through psuedo-Florence in Assassin’s Creed, places in video games are the next best thing to travelling.

Enter “Dniepr,” a mod for the zombie co-op game Left 4 Dead 2. Built over the span of three years, “Dniepr” takes players to the town of Pripyat, a Russian city that was abandoned after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and now is the setting for many a horror game and movie. Check out the long trailer for the mod here:

“Dniepr” includes lots of custom material, including a soundtrack which you can pick on Bandcamp, so it’s clear that quite a bit of work and dedication went into the thing.

You can pick up the mod (which has been broken up into 11 pieces) through the Steam Workshop here.

Source [Shacknews]