I’m genuinely surprised that no one seemed particularly excited for the announcement of Rocksmith 2014 Edition. While I understand the rhythm genre has steeply fallen off in popularity, I was fairly positive about the first edition of the learning software that used gameification techniques and allowed users to plug in with any guitar or bass they wanted. While an unenthusiastic Jerry Cantrell may not have done the presentation any favors, the tools and systems being revealed actually seemed quite cool. The highlight was the Session Mode which claimed to adapt to the user’s playing. Here’s the trailer for the game:

Hopefully the game addresses my issues with music variety and the few technical hiccups I ran into with the original.

The game comes to PS3, Xbox 360, Windows, and Mac this October. Unfortunately, the price of the game with the cable comes at $79.99, which seems ridiculous as it’s paying $20 for a USB cable. A cable-less version is available for the standard $59.99.

Update: Here’s the presentation of the game at Ubisoft’s conference yesterday:

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