Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida has outlined a few more details about the future of PlayStation Plus. While it was confirmed at Sony’s press conference on Monday that active subscriptions would carry over from PlayStation 3 to PS4, only a few other vague details were thrown out, one of which was the only real disappointment of Sony’s keynote: that the PS4 will require an active PS Plus subscription to game online.

Yoshida has shed light on a few more details, though, confirming that media services such as Netflix would continue to operate with or without PS Plus subscriptions. He also reiterated that the cost of PlayStation Plus would remain unchanged in the future. As for free-to-play games, Yoshida says that Sony will not enforce any kind of PlayStation Plus requirement for them. However, he stated that individual publishers could opt to place their free-to-play titles behind that PS Plus subscription, somewhat mitigating the idea of ‘free-to-play.’

That the PlayStation 4 will require an active subscription to play online is the biggest problem I have with Sony at the moment, but as long as the current value of PS Plus is maintained, it won’t be the worst thing in the world. Leaving the status of free-to-play titles up to their publishers is something I’m unsure of, as some publishers could be trusted with this kind of thing, while others probably can’t. After all, a F2P game behind a paywall sort of defeats the purpose.

Source: [The Escapist]