Yes, the Xbox One will require a license refresh once day, which is why the console must be connected to the internet once a day in order to continue to play any kind of game, be it single- or multiplayer. While you will require a 1.5 MB internet connection in order to refresh your Xbox One license, you don’t actually have to reauthenticate through your console. Speaking with Game Informer, Microsoft‘s Phil Spencer has confirmed that a mobile device can be tethered to the Xbox One to perform this necessary license refresh. This is a nice alternative, and while it’s still an obnoxious feature, this actually might make it a tiny bit more bearable.

Spencer also suggested that Microsoft was looking into what will happen at the end of the next console generation. He stated that Microsoft doesn’t want gamers to be cut off from their content when the upcoming console generation comes to a close. That’s much too far into the future for me to consider, though, as the next generation consoles haven’t even launched yet.


  1. the fact that you can’t even — USE an XB1 without the Kinect 2.0 connected bundled with the fact you have to authenticate a constant online notice, leaves me out of their market’s grasp. Customers don’t like being forced into the demands of sellers. There are jailbreaks for cellphones, and once there is a jailbreak of the XB1 I might get it, until then…