As someone interested in design, how it communicates, and message I was really fond of both the early Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 campaigns. Microsoft’s ‘Jump In’ commercials took the idea of multiplayer and placed it in the real world, with people playing cops and robbers or having giant water balloon fights. They had a neat earnestness that I really appreciated and highlighted the idea that the 360 is the place where you went to play with people. Sony was all over the place, with their ‘This is Living‘ and ‘Play B3yond‘ commercials. They were so outright weird and different that aesthetically they’re just more interesting than the 360 ones, though perhaps sending the message that the PS3 was an odd thing.

As a new generation of consoles rolls in, so do the new campaigns. Sony has launched the first one with this ‘Greatness Awaits’ video. My thoughts afterwards:

I’m finding myself disliking the advert. Quite simply, it highlights one thing about video games in general, without really emphasizing what’s unique about the PS4: the power fantasy. The thing is, Sony has actually done the power fantasy theme before, but with a really cool twist. The ‘Michael’ commercial from the ‘Long Live Play’ era of the PS3 was the fantasy seen from the view of video game characters.

What do you guys thinks?