I wonder if the CEO change at EA will precipitate more changes than I initially suspected. I mean, first they reported that they were going to cancel their online pass practice, then they reaffirmed that it wouldn’t be brought back just because the PlayStation 4 won’t feature any kind of online connectivity requirement, and now they’re – can it be?! – listening to what the fans are saying. I’m not complaining, but are you sure you’re feeling all right, EA?

VP of EA Labels Patrick Soderlund told Eurogamer that the company “is not going to turn Mirror’s Edge into a shooter,” after the announcement of a new title at E3 caused some fans to  worry that it would end up focusing too much on the action, which was the absolute worst part of the last game (in my opinion):

“It’s a very different Mirror’s Edge experience than the first game. Obviously as you saw in the trailer there are some things that will clearly remain the same. We’re not going to break what the game was good at. But in general, though, there are some changes, which are for the better I think.”

Now, obviously, soothing words aren’t proof that EA is going to do something drastic with the new entry that in some way mars what was, at its core, a generally enjoyable experience. But the fact that EA are coming on record to assuage fan concerns, rather than exasperate them (as, say, they did with SimCity) is a heartening change of pace. As with the next Battlefront game, I’m keeping my skepticism shield high, but EA does earn a couple of points for seeming to care what fans have to say about the game. I’m sure will find out how far that truly extends soon enough.

Source: [Destructoid]