Lorne Lanning, the boss at Oddworld Inhabitants, has said the upcoming remake of the first Oddworld game, New ‘n’ Tasty won’t be hitting the Xbox 360 or Xbox One anytime soon. This is because, in Lanning’s words, “Oddworld wasn’t built on selling out.” Despite the fact that Lanning’s  Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee was an Xbox exclusive back in the day, he still doesn’t agree with Microsoft‘s policies over Xbox Live publishing. Namely, he doesn’t see why his team should have to go through a publisher to get their games on Microsoft’s platforms when, as he tells Eurogamer, they “self-finance their games, build their own IP, manage their own IP and have turned nearly two million units online as indie publishers sold – not free downloads?”.

New ‘n’ Tasty is hitting just about every other (non-mobile) platform under the sun – MacLinuxPCPlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VitaWii U – but will be missing the Xbox 360 and Xbox One because of Lanning’s disagreement with Microsoft. He has gone on record saying that he would consider going through a publisher to get the game on those platforms, but it would have to be a sensible choice based on revenue share: he has no intention of getting the game on Microsoft’s platforms just to make those extra sales.

Microsoft’s refusal to let independent developers publisher their own games on the service is something that people have been criticizing for quite a while, and it looks like that’s not about the change with the Xbox One. Phil Spencer has said that self-publishing is something the company is looking into, but also made it clear that it isn’t an active focus for them right now.