Sony Worldwide Studios lovely boy Shuhei Yoshida has confessed that the company made an error in refusing to publish From Software‘s Demon’s Souls in the western market. Though they co-developed the title, they didn’t want to bring it across the ocean, something which lead the game’s spiritual successor Dark Souls to become a proper franchise for Namco-Bandai.

Yoshida says that he is a big fan of Demon’s Souls, and would love to bring proper sequels to Sony platforms in the future. Though Dark Souls has taken up the mantle, Sony still retains the rights to the Demon’s Souls IP, and is, apparently, on good terms with From Software. Having a Demon’s Souls 2 and a Dark Souls 2 would likely confuse some people, but I for one wouldn’t mind having more than one series with that kind of gameplay on the market. That way, if something went horribly wrong with Dark Souls 2, Demon’s Souls 2 could still make up for it.

Source: [Destructoid via Polygon]