Despite the fact that DICE opened up a studio in L.A for the sole purpose of handling the development of Star Wars titles, the upcoming entry in the Battlefront series is being developed at DICE’s Stockholm office. The LA studio will be taking more of a support role, and it was suggested that they’d be the ones to handle things like potential expansion packs, but, just like Mirror’s Edge and Battlefield 4Battlefront will be primarily developed in Stockholm. Opening that other office seems a bit silly to me, then, but I’m not a businessman, so what do I know?

It was also reported that the upcoming title will be “DICE’s interpretation” of the Battlefront series. Games Label chief over at EA, Patrick Soderlund, puts it like this:

“This is DICE’s interpretation of what Battlefront should be. That’s the best description you can have. There are absolutely things in the previous Battlefront games that you’ll recognise and remember, but DICE wants to put its own flavour on it. That’s the only way we can do it. Hence it’s called Star Wars: Battlefront, without a 3 at the end. We want to say it’s something new.”

This may or may not be a bad thing. The Battlefront games were good because of what they were, not what they ‘should have been.’ While Mirror’s Edge proved that DICE are capable of thinking outside of the box, at least a little bit, I worry that DICE creating their own interpretation of a Battlefront game may turn into something that resembles Battlefield too much for my liking. They already sound too much alike in conversation. I’ll have to wait until we get to see a bit of gameplay before I pass judgement, but for now, this isn’t something I really wanted to hear.